Time to cut the hair!

For th last month and half I have been asking Nico if he would like to get a haircut. His answer had always been no until last week when he finally asked "Can I decide how much hair they cut off?" "Of course!" was my response. He then proceeded to tell me that when his mom its his hair and he only wants an inch she always takes more. We had a good laugh because as a mother I can completely relate! Once I assured him that the hairdresser (yes he needs to go somewhere to get a haircut as I do not have Jassi's skill with the scissors!) will only take off as much as he wants he was game.

The before picture:




Here we go...


Looking great! She cleaned up around ears and neckline, blended his hair but kept it long on top.


Very handsome!


Tonight we brought out a new game. It is all about spotting words before the other people. We play tons of game and the kids seem to love having their parents play with them!


I ordered Nico a school sweatshirt!


Then it was off to rowing. The row team will continue to row on Silver Lake for three more weeks. The weather is starting to get pretty cold but on this day it was perfect. Nico was the coxswain of the boat, helping navigate the boat to the dock.



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