Trying new things

Sebastian is getting many opportunities to be active and try new things.  From playing Fußball, both indoor and out, to practicing Judo with the family, his experience so far has been fun of activity and fun!

Here are Nico, Enno, Nina, & Tessa watching Sebastian play some indoor soccer.

soccer fans indoor soccer indoor soccer 2 indoor soccer 3



Later, they mounted their bikes for a ride to Judo practice.

biking to school biking to school 2



It is exciting for us to see Sebastian study martial arts in Germany.  He is already a black belt in Tae Kwon Do but now that he is trying Judo, we are hopeful that he enjoys it and learns a lot.


Mmmm... Liverwurst.  One of our favorite things about our exchanges is how well our kids do with trying new things.  Looks like he likes this one!


Keep smilin' Bub!

Sebastian in the living room

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