The Month of May

May in the United States has to be one of the busiest months for parents and children. It is the month when all choir concerts, dance recitals, end of year banquets, and school field trips are scheduled. Throw in that mix landscaping/gardening, swim meets and birthdays and it becomes a near impossible month!

The first of the concerts and recitals was the beautiful Bella Fiore/Bella Voce/Bellettes choir concert. These are award winning all-girl choirs that perform twice a year and every couple of  years do tours throughout Europe.



The younger girls choir, the Bellettes, are able to wear their favorite dresses while Bella Fiore and Bella Voce choirs have a dress uniform.


Even though swimming is an all year sport in the USA our team, the ORCAS, decides to hold a year end banquet in May. At the banquet awards are given for Most Improved, Coach's award, Most Dedicated and the coveted Swimmer of the Year.

With Erik having just started swim team mid-March, we weren't sure if he would be recognized as the it was a banquet to celebrate the swimmers from September - March. Erik was so proud when his coach called his name and was recognized in front of everyone!


Here is what Coach Annette had to say about him:


Remington, Coach Steve and the Age 1 swimmers. Age 1 are the best swimmers on the team aged 9-10.


Erik was ecstatic about ice cream sundae bar!


Madeline was named the Most Dedicated swimmer. Here is a pic of her and Coach Amy.


Remington was named Swimmer of the Year! He was so proud of himself. Here he is with Coach Steve.


Erik and Madeline weren't he only children with May birthdays. Erik was invited to his friend Colton's birthday party. It was held at Archery Headquarters.


Erik made short work of his target!



RCLS has a strong track & field tradition. At the all-school track meet, Erik took two 7th place ribbons and two 3rd place ribbons.


May also means a time of remembrance for the Gau family. Twenty-five years Nick's older brother Matt was killed in a car accident. On Memorial Day, families come together to honor veterans and deceased loved ones. The Gau family attends the Memorial service at the cemetery Matt was buried.


After the service the children always race to locate his grave.



Hanging out of mom's sunroof.


The bubblegun.


May also brings with it sleepovers and playdates. Here Jack, Remington and Erik enjoy playing three person Minecraft on the big screen!



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