Day 8: Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois & Missouri

We began Day 8 of our journey home in Valdosta, GA.  After a quick breakfast of waffles and eggs at the hotel, we drove through the morning and then decided to stop for a picnic lunch.  Tiffany used our van's navigation to find the Cobb County Regional Park - which turned out to be wonderful!  The weather was perfect and there were lots of picnic tables and shelters to choose from.

There was a beach on the lake that many people were enjoying in the sunshine.

DSC09598 DSC09599 DSC09600

As we sat and ate our picnic lunch, a band was setting up to play in the nearby gazebo.

DSC09603 DSC09607 DSC09609 DSC09613 IMG_7958 DSC09626 DSC09637

Chocolate Frogs - from Harry Potter world!  Seems like a great time to open them!

DSC09642 DSC09650

Ahhh... Godrick Griffindor!  [Each box contained a LARGE chocolate frog and a very interesting hologram card with a famous witch or wizard on it - just like the books!]


Eric received Helga Hufflepuff!


And Madeline, Rowena Ravenclaw!

DSC09663 DSC09669

As night fell, we crossed into Kentucky and stopped to take a picture.

DSC09675 DSC09676

Here we are at the hotel in St. Louis at 12:46am!


Distance traveled Day 8: 782 miles (1258.51 km) - 11 hours, 11 min drive time (WOW!)

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  1. Chocolate frogs are a hit ! I love the photo where all the children seem to have fallen asleep by accident ! Thanks for this new article Nick :)

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