Day 7: Fear was not a Factor!

Day 7 started early with our final day at Universal Studios Orlando!  One of the first things we came across was this drive-in diner with famous cars from the movie American Graffiti!

DSC09432 DSC09433

Then it was down the street to the "4D" production of Terminator 2, that used 3D glasses, video and live actors and moving seats in the theater to make it seem real to the audience!

DSC09436 DSC09438


A show about Animal Actors and how they train animals for movies was a fun way to get out of the sun for a few minutes.  Here is a pig who knows how to recycle.


Whooping cranes


A river otter


Yes, that is a skunk!


Transformers the Ride was next.  A long line, but definitely worth the wait!

IMG_2544 DSC09455 DSC09464

Watch out!  Megatron and the Decepticons are attacking!!

DSC09468 DSC09469

Definitely one of the kids' favorites was the Fear Factor Live show!


They have real park guests volunteer to do real stunts in order to try and win the contest!

IMG_2552 IMG_2554

The first challenge had the four contestants standing 50 feet above us.  They had to hold onto the yellow bars above them while the platforms below their feet was lowered away.  The last two to hang on moved on to the finale!

DSC09471 DSC09475

Then there was this brave audience member... Can you guess what she is going to do?


Here is a hint!

DSC09478 DSC09483 DSC09494


The next challenge was a "Food" Challenge - where 3 people competed to drink a blended mixture of fish heads, sour milk, and meal worms!  YUK!!

DSC09502 DSC09503

Madeline was chosen to help with the show.  She was controlling the flow of water and rain that was shooting on the contestants as they tried to climb the building for the finale.  The person next to her was shooting them with tennis balls from the yellow cannon!



After Fear Factor Live, we returned to Diagon Alley so Erik could purchase something special for his brother!

IMG_7924 IMG_7927

While the boys went on their final ride of the day, Madeline decided to get her face painted.

DSC09529 DSC09534 DSC09538 DSC09543 IMG_2569


The final ride was the Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster.  Here is what happened:

DSC09560 DSC09586

We left the parks around 5:30pm and drove out of Florida to make it to Georgia by midnight!

Distance traveled that day: 214 miles (344.4 km)

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  1. What a great cocktail of discoveries, once again ! The 2 videos of the boys before/after the crazy roller coaster are my favorite ! Remington and Erik are sparkling (not sure we can say that) ... I love it !
  2. And we were also fans of the Mel's drive-in restaurants when we stayed for a few days in San Francisco. There, the boys discovered what a juke box was.

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