Cannonballs and the Snow

There was extra excitement in the air as a major snowstorm was coming! The original prediction was only 2-4 inches but Rochester shifted to being in the middle of it. School for Thursday had already been cancelled and Erik was very excited that he would now be out of school until April 11th due to the snowstorm and our trip to Florida. While dance and other activities had all been prematurely cancelled, Swimming was still on and Erik had the last of his Swim Fit class. At the end of the class there was a Cannonball contest. Basically the children launch themselves into the water curled up in a ball in an attempt to make the biggest splash. Erik was is the top three and the other children and Remington (having just finished with his NASA swim practice fifteen minutes earlier) were the judges. You decide who had the bigger splash!

We have all decided that we like Erik's pronunciation of the "CannonBOMB" contest better!

On the way to car from swimming Harrison was singing a classic nursery rhyme "One, Two buckle my show. Three, Four shut the door. Five, Six pick up sticks. Seven, Eight lay them straight. Nine, Ten a big fat hen. Eleven, Twelve, do it again." We soon discovered that in France there is a different version and Erik was able to do it in English.

Much to Erik and Remington's delight the weatherman did not lie. We have 10 inches of wet snow that was perfect for snowballs, forts and building a family of snowmen!

This is the view from my bedroom window. At 6:45 in the morning I heard these two fumbling around downstairs. On a day when there was no where to go these two were up early to play in the snow!


Sticks and Stones make the perfect face for a snowman.






Harrison has been acutely aware that I take videos and pictures of Erik. Here he is having taken my phone to watch one of many of Erik's videos.


After hours and hours of outside fun the boys came in for some crafting.



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