The Week

One of the ways Andrea is learning English is through reading a book our loud. We purchased three copies of the book Out of My Mind and Remington, Madeline, Andrea and Mom are reading is together. When it is Andrea's turn to read we work on proper pronunciation and when there is a word she doesn't understand we stop and discuss its meaning.

After dinner one night Nick and Andrea sat down with a globe and a map and plotted out our upcoming trip to Florida. Nick explained that driving from Minnesota to Florida is the same distance as driving from Barcelona to Poland and back!

Shopping trip! Katherine and Andrea shopping for some vacation clothes as Old Navy.


And the winner was a cute denim shirt with rope front closer and some Florida inspired palm tree socks!

RCLS 7th grade field trip to go skating at the Rec Center. Some of Andrea's friends!

On weekends one of the children's favorite activities is playing Laser Tag!

In our house we learn a lot through games. Here Andrea is playing with Osmo and working  on her English.

Blokes with the boys is quite the challenge. There are some tough competitors in our house!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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