The International Owl Fest – Houston, MN

On the 1st weekend in March every year, Houston, MN celebrates the International Festival of Owls.  We traveled down on a Saturday afternoon to show Andrea the wonderful world of Owls!

We can't stop in Houston without visiting our favorite French-speaking librarian, Liz!  Note all the owl decorations throughout the library!

Here they are in front of the International Owl Center. (

Rupert, the Great Horned Owl

Uhu, the Eurasian Eagle Owl (very big!)

That is Uhu in the background - you can see how large she is!

Dozens of feathers to touch and examine.

Live owls and dead owls.  Many fine specimens were on display.

How wide is your wingspan?  Andrea is a big as a Great Gray owl!

We then went to the auditorium for a very interesting presentation on the Blakiston's Fish Owl, the largest owl species in the world.

Houston the Owl made an appearance and gave hugs.

Almost 2,000 people come to this festival each year, and live owl programs like this one are the most popular attraction.

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