Swim Team Tryouts

The time has come for swim team tryouts. To my surprise BOTH Katherine and Andrea decided to tryout for a spot on the Orca swim team!

Coach Kellyn explaining what stroke Andrea is complete.

After a two year hiatus from swim team Katherine is back in the water!

Both of the girls borrowed Madeline's swim caps. The coaches loved that they were getting two more "Madeline Gau"s on swim team!

Playing the game Trouble before heading to bed.

What a great day... a letter from Andrea's beloved Grandmother has arrived!!

Andrea didn't believe us when we said we had blue, green and even pink chicken eggs. She thought we had dyed them in preparation for Easter. Nope. These eggs come from Americana chickens! The breakfast Andrea is eating is called "Toasty Soldiers" and is a classic dish from Nick's childhood. All the children, including Andrea, enjoy dipping toast strips into poached eggs!

The girls clowning around as we shop for furniture for one of our business houses.

The time has come to get ready for our road trip to Florida. I started packing the girls several days ahead of time as everything needed to be tried on and modeled. Katherine's dress seems to have gotten the better of her!

Decisions, decisions.

One of the many outfits that didn't make the cut. Andrea simply refused to bring anything that wasn't a "10." 🙂

Fun was had by all.

Andrea went grocery shopping and discovered that all kids 12 and under get a free banana and a cookie!

In preparation for Andrea's upcoming class speech on Spain we searched and searched for Spanish foods or candies. We ended up at one of the Mexican grocery stores.  This was the first time Andrea had been exposed to Spanish since arriving in the US. It was a lot of fun listening to the Mexican accented Spanish as we roamed the aisles looking for treats.

Success! While these candies were made in Mexico, Andrea says they are something she has had in Spain. Sugar is sugar and the kids will love them!

The weather is starting to get nice and the kids went outside to play some soccer.

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