Day 9: Florida to Alabama


Day 9: Bright and early, Dad packed up the van and we headed out!

There isn't much room for anyone so Tiffany & I came up with a plan to deal with the overcrowding...

We took Sebastian to the Tampa Airport to buy him a plane ticket home.  That way, he wouldn't miss any school days and we would have more room in the van!  Bien viaje, Sebastian!

Now, I've seen deer crossings, cattle crossings, and duck crossings, but this may be the first time I had ever seen a BEAR crossing!  Watch for bears on the road!

We drove along the Florida coast on the Gulf of Mexico and stopped at a little restaurant right on the waterfront.  Here are Andrea & Madeline enjoying the cool breeze.

Remington took on Harrison in an epic battle of strength...

and Harrison promptly defeated him!  (What a great big brother!)  Note the pelicans standing on the piers behind the boys.

Our waitress at the restaurant then told us we were only a few miles from St. George Island and we should definitely drive over the bridge and take a look.

It is a long narrow strip of land about a mile from the mainland.  It is basically one long beach that is lined with vacation homes.  Some of them, like these tall beach houses, were very narrow but deep.

At the northeast end of the island is a beautiful State Park - ( that is a famous breeding ground for sea turtles and over 300 species of birds.  The beaches are lovely and the sand is fine and soft.

The girls were making "sand angels"

It was a beautiful warm day and it was great to spend a few hours lounging and playing in the sun.

Sweet Remington


LOVE! (Katherine)


The State Park has over 9 miles of beaches.

It was such a nice day, no one could resist stopping to take a picture... this!

Our girls- along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida!

Rather that spending a lot of money and time eating at restaurants, we regularly stopped at grocery stores to buy food and we would picnic in parks or wherever we were.  Andrea & Madeline came in to help me shop today.

Driving into the night, we came to a rest stop at the Florida-Alabama border.  Here is another oddity - a retired army helicopter mounted on a stand.

This region of Alabama is known for its production of peanuts.  How do we know that?

Total travel for the day: 497 miles (800 km)


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