Day 3: Universal Studios Florida!

Day 3 started early with a quick 10 minute drive to Universal Studios!

Before attacking the park, the kids had to hang ten!

Universal is amazing and certainly never boring.  Here we are observing a grand parade of cartoon characters coming up the street.

Then its off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  Diagon Alley to be pricise - and home to Olivander's Wand Emporium.

Here is the wand maker testing Madeline, who was the lucky child from our group selected to have her wand chosen for her by the wand maker.

The third wand was the charm!

Watch out!  That is a fire-breathing dragon guarding Gringott's Wizard Bank.

After consulting the map, the kids try out their new wands by casting spells throughout the town.

Now its time for a small donut...


After returning home at dark, we all took a dip in the private swimming pool (very nice!!!).


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