Day 2: Illinois to Orlando!

Day 2: We struck out early in the morning and quickly crossed the border into Kentucky!

This beautiful example of Southern Architecture is a welcome center for travelers.


We found an interesting park that contained a sword in the stone...

and a depiction of King Arthur's round table.

Nick got the sword out.  Its good to be the King!

This park also featured a lovely old stone amphitheater with several statutes of Shakespearean characters nearby.

Crossing into Tennessee!

Rather than eat out at restaurants, we took the opportunity to search for a nice park to have a picnic lunch!

It was VERY late when we finally arrived at the house in Orlando (almost 2:00AM), but that didn't stop the kids from having some fun in the game room before bed!

except, of course, for Harrison!  He was sleeping soundly.

over 14 hours of driving- 889 miles (1430.71 km)!

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