Days 5 – 8: Clearwater, Florida

Day 5 was bright and fresh.   We packed up the van and departed for Clearwater.

We arrived at the pool in Clearwater and Harrison, Sebastian, Katherine, Andrea & Nick played in a nearby park while the swimmers had their first practice.

After practice, we checked into our hotel and then went for lunch.  There I introduced the boys to the game of shuffleboard.

Here is Remington with two of his friends and fellow swimmers.

The Doyle Aquatic Center - 20 lanes wide!  It is an impressive building - but very, very loud and without much seating.

Madeline is SO powerful when she does her butterfly!

We stayed at the Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club just north of the venue.  Here is the pool.

Sebastian loves to be active.  Here he is playing some beach volleyball.

Speaking of the beach, we had to go swim in the Gulf of Mexico!  The sand is very fine and lovely on Clearwater Beach.

A LOT of fruit was eaten that week!  Swimmers (and little brothers) LOVE fruit!

That night Andrea realized she lost her glasses at the beach, so the girls piled in the van to go look for them!

Katherine found Andrea's glasses sticking out of the sand - after the tide had come in and completely covered the area where our things were!  It was amazing!  Great job Katherine!

Note: how DRY Andrea is right now...

Notice any difference?

She was ok.  Just a quick slip into the water.

After the beach, a quick stop at the snack bar for a smoothie.

This area is famous for being a nesting area for Sea Turtles.  This display shows how deep the turtles bury their eggs.

They rent these paddle boards most days, but today it was too windy.

So the girls wanted to go shopping for swimsuits.

Madeline opted for a hat rather than a new suit.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel pool...

Big brother was getting in on the action!

Madeline had a great meet (and so did Remington)!

Madeline & Coach Amy

Remington & Coach Tom

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