A Trip to the Twin Cities

Morning hugs!  So nice!

Madeline won at the Regional Piano Competition and qualified to play in the State Competition in Minneapolis.  Andrea & I drove up with Madeline to support her as she played.

After her performance, we went to the French Meadow bakery in St. Paul.  They have lots of gluten-free offerings and the desserts are incredible!

They each chose the same thing!  Great minds think alike.

After lunch (and cake), we went to the Minnesota Science Museum.

The have an exhibit on the science of sports.  Here is Andrea testing her jumping ability.

Learning about how a brain can move inside a skull.

After sports science, we moved into some more traditional examples of applied science.

The girls even donned lab coats to perform some actual hands-on experiments.

Unicorns!!!  Unicorns!!!

Trying our hand at weaving some natural fibers!

In the Motion Lab, the girls each jumped rope for several seconds while the high-speed cameras filmed them.

Then we could play back their movements in slow motion to watch how their bodies move.

Look Mom!  Unicorns!!!

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