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Week 2 in Germany

We spoke to Sebastian after his first few days in Germany and he is loving his German host family and starting to pick up the language quite quickly.  They are very active and seem to always be planning the next thing to do together as a family. Here are Sebastian and Enno sitting around the…
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Days 2 & 3: Family, Food & Fußball

  After sleeping for 10 hours (!) the boys took him to see the school, then played ball in the courtyard and later went swimming.  Then on Saturday, Sebastian got to play on a soccer team and they played and ran all day (and into the night)!  Sebastian is wearing jersey number 3 - look…
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Sebastian goes to Germany

  The big day is finally here and Sebastian is packed and ready for adventure!  Bist du beret (are you ready) ?   Wednesday, February 10, 2016. Tiffany & Sebastian at the Rochester Airport Mom & Dad sending him off [/mp_span] [/mp_row]   He arrived, safe and sound, into the arms of our new German…
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