Welcome to Minnesota, Maxou!

It is Friday morning and everyone in the house is eagerly awaiting Maxou's arrival. Sebastian and Madeline are making signs to welcome Maxou to his new home in Minnesota.

IMG_1161 IMG_1163

The troops are gathered outside of the baggage claim area, staring anxiously at every passenger to walk through the doors.


At last... Maxou has arrived!


Bisous for everyone... except of course Sebastian, who received a firm handshake!IMG_1173

A beautiful spring day in Minnesota. (13 degrees Celsius)IMG_1176

The customs stamp we have all been waiting for!IMG_1180

Before heading back home to Rochester, we detoured to a cool bike shop called Sunrise Cyclery to find Maxou a bike.IMG_1182

IMG_1183 IMG_1191

The chosen bike:


In this house it is always safety first and a bike helmet was a must. Maxou and Sebastian both picked out rather cool wood painted helmets.IMG_1194 IMG_1195

Maxou's first glimpse of the llamas on our farm.IMG_1197

Maxou discovering the secret hidden bookcase doors that conceal the boys' bedrooms. (they were built by Nick!)IMG_1205 IMG_1206

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  1. This Is really cool where is Maxou's sleeping? :)
    • Hi Manon!!! I moved your bed down to Sebastian's room so the boys are sharing a room just like you and Katherine. The drum set was moved up to Katherine's room while you guys are in France.

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