Meeting the Farm Animals


Maxou meets Cousteau, our Great Pyrenees dog.


When meeting a llama it is always best to present your head and allow them to spell you. Llamas can be scared of hands but are very curious animals. They especially like smelling your breath! Here Maxou is meeting Apricot Delight (also known as Appy). She is a first time pregnant llama and is due on Maxou's birthday!


These are the two breeding male alpacas, Smokey and Bear. In the background on the outbuilding is a barn quilt. Barn quilts are painted boards made to resemble patterns found in a quilt. We have eight barn quilts on our farm.

IMG_1231 IMG_1233

The sheep were dubious of Maxou but will warm up to him once he starts feeding them some grain!


One of the oldest apple trees on the property and it has been invaded by these climbing monkeys!

IMG_1247 IMG_1255

First night in the U.S. means it is time to be put on the family height chart. Maxou is now a member of the Gau family forever! 🙂


Sebastian being measured to see how much he has grown while he was away in France.


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