Football, Guns and Campfires…oh my!

Tired of playing football (aka soccer) Maxou and Sebastian pleaded for a trip to Scheel's Sporting Goods store. This store is not the average sports store. It is an enormous store filled with every type of ball, sports shoe and equipment possible with the added bonus of having arcades and guns!


Moose Hunter arcade.


The object of the game was to shoot the male moose and leave the female cows alone. Here  is proof that the game is harder then it looks! Minnesota is one of only a handful of northern states in the US that have a thriving moose population. Moose hunting is considered very dangerous as moose are 1.4 - 2.1 meters tall at the shoulder, weigh 380 to 700 kg on average and can be very protective of their young and aggressive when provoked.




The personal defense section was fascinating to the boys and down right scary for me!


Maxou did quite well on these arcades.


After a couple of hours of shopping and fun it was time to get back to the farm for work. Maxou has enjoyed using the chain saw and very eager to cut down any tree that looked remotely dead.


While Madeline and Remington were too little for the chainsaw (something Remington would prove false later!) they were able to help by adding compost to the flower beds.


The four boys working...Harrison's job was to play on the horse and let the boys mow, weed whack and pressure wash!


Disappointed that hardwood trees (Black Walnut and Oak) couldn't be pruned until winter he was very happy when we allowed him to take off the sucker branches with a chainsaw!


Harrison loved the branches Maxou threw in a heap. It was just enough to make a great little fort!


Hammock repair.


Resting ... I mean ... testing out the hammock repair!

IMG_0792 (3)

It wasn't all work this day. We built a fire, talked and had roasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers! It is a wonderful thing called S'mores that Maxou has declared "the best!"

IMG_0798 (2)


Here the boys are warming their feet by the fire.


... and their hands!


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  1. good thing!!! :p I Hope That Maxou liked the marshmallows with gramkrackers an chocolate!!!I Hope That You Guys are having a really good time! :) Manon
    • Yes he is loving the s'mores and it having a good time in the US!

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