Family Support

Supporting one another is very important in our family. A couple of weeks ago Madeline had a ballet recital and she was fortunate to have all of her brothers there to cheer her on. While this might not be a favorite activity for everyone it is a great way to expand oneself and learn to appreciate the arts. Madeline was thrilled having Maxou in the audience!




No good deed goes unrewarded. Nick took everyone to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Maxou has found a favorite combination ... chocolate and peanut butter!

IMG_0756 IMG_0754

After Madeline's final recital we all went over to Nana and Grandpa's house for dinner. Family dinners also happens to be a weekly routine and is an excellent way for the grandparents to connect with their busy grandkids.

IMG_1476 IMG_1479

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  1. hey! my ice cream!!! :)
    • You are going to have to come back and have your ice cream! Maxou has been enjoying peanut butter chocolate ice cream too!

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