And the Beat Goes On …

There are many trees on the farm that need trimming and Maxou has been enjoying using the chainsaw!

IMG_1635 IMG_1637

He wanted to make sure we post this photo so you can see how big the trees are that he is cutting down!


Working together!IMG_1720 IMG_1729 IMG_1734

Taking a break and chatting after cutting down trees and planting the flower boxes.IMG_1647

Mom and her favorite machine ... the commercial mower!IMG_1739 IMG_0813

The drum set is a hit with all the kids, from the youngest to the oldest.IMG_1689

Time for more mean tools!IMG_1708

A good pair of work gloves are a necessity.IMG_1710

The boys are taking over the girls room! With Manon's bed moved to Sebastian's room in the basement there is a perfect spot for the drum set.IMG_0844

A fun family reward after all the hard time!IMG_0865

Air hockey is a Gau family favorite and is conveniently located at the movie theatres.IMG_1743 IMG_0866

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