A visit to Yellowstone National Park!



We began DAY 3 with a visit to this delightful little coffee shop, where Mom & Dad indulged in a Cafe au Lait while the children all enjoyed hot cocoa!


The drive from Livingston, MT south into the park is breathtakingly beautiful!


As we drove through the town of Granger, just outside the park, we spotted an elk casually pawing the snow and grazing on the grass she uncovered along side a church in the city.

IMG_2378 IMG_2392


The views can take your breath away... and the weather was clear and cold.

IMG_2394 IMG_2397

One of our first stops was to the Mammoth Hot Springs, where the volcano heats the natural springs to boiling temperatures.


IMG_2406 IMG_2424 IMG_2426



Packed snow paths were calling Remington to slide on his belly like a penguin.




It might have been -17 F but even little Harrison enjoyed getting out of the car and running.




The first spotting of bison caused the car to erupt with screams and we had to pullover immediately.



We definitely weren't in Minnesota anymore!




We had to stop counting how many bison and start counting how many herd of bison.  We saw 14 herds in all and each herd ranged in total from 50-100. It was a spectacular moment as a family to see such raw and wonderful nature!




Windows and sky lights were opened and Manon quickly pointed up and said "Look mom a Mountain Sheep!"






Our fearless driver! (He of course would title this ... "What a handsome devil!" Haha!)




Nature sisters.



The bison were really that close.  We had to make sure the children kept their bodies inside the van.


We stopped at a local pub for lunch. Some of the nice cowboys there taught the kids how to shoot pool.




Much to Remington's dismay, Manon finds all signs that are "female power." Manon is quick to show her little brother!






Nice try girls! No they did NOT gamble!




We crossed the continental divide as we left Wyoming and headed into Idaho.



Distance traveled DAY 3: Livingston, MT into Yellowstone National Park, WY then back to Livingston and on to Ashton, ID = approximately 307 miles (494 km)

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