The Gnomes are here!

It is December and one of the many traditions in the Gau house is the beloved Gnome House. Every year on November 30th the Gnome house is carefully unpacked and put out and the children go to sleep wondering what clever riddle will be left for them in the morning. The Gnomes traditionally bring books, candy and movies in the countdown to Christmas.

We also unpacked a little Christmas reading.
The children take turns opening the Gnome house. Manon was first this year!

The note.

Once read the kids fled looking for the gift and Manon stayed by the house saying "you guys...there is chocolate!" The truffles were a hit with one little person in our house!

The gift was a certificate for a Christmas tree at a farm where you choose and cut your own tree.

Before taking off to cut our tree, Manon had a dentist appointment. Normally not a very fun event but Dr. Erie was hilarious and showed the girls she could still do the splits after years of dancing!
Dressed in their Holiday Magic shirts these girls were true sisters at the dentist.
"That didn't hurt" exclaimed a very happy Manon!
It was a beautiful day and fairly warm (20 Degrees F) compared to this past week.
Dad means business!
The measuring stick.
What no smiles? Here is another one.
The tree farm ninja.


Finding a tree is an art. Madeline's tree was too big.
Katherine and Manon's tree was too small.
But Dad's tree was just right!
Once cut down the bottom of the tree is then sliced once again for a flat cut.
It is then pushed through a netting tube to make it easier to transport.
Harrison and Remington.
























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