Swim meet weekend

The El Niño winds from California are creating quite the confusion in MN. The snow is melting and the temperature is hovering close to 50 degrees F. (That would 10 degrees Celsius) This is unseasonably warm for Minnesota where the temperature is usually in single digits or even negative. Manon didn't miss a beat and agreed that it was "very, very, very hot!"

This weekend brought with it two swim meets. The meet on Saturday was the 8 and Under Meet of Champions. Remington swam half the meet and then had to go to Nutcracker rehearsal but Madeline swam the entire event.
Now that Manon has joined the swim team she is allowed on deck even if she isn't swimming!


Manon's response to seeing Madeline's four first place ribbons. For the second year in a row Madeline won all of her events and was the highest point earner for the entire meet!
Picture for the "Wall of Champions."
Telling Daddy about her swims.
Manon is pictured with her coach for Blue Team, Coach Heidorn, and Madeline is pictured with her Red Team coach, Coach Conny.
It should be noted that Manon has decided she would like to compete in a swim meet before she leaves! Yes that's right ... The girl who didn't want to even try swim lessons initially wants to dive off the block! Coach Heidorn gave her a high five and some goals!


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  1. Can't believe she wants to enter a competition ! A a swimming one !!! Wahoo !! She HAS grown up and changed indeed. Awesome !
  2. I bet Manon will have a B Time before she leaves if You get her in competitions!!!!!! :) :) :)

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