Christmas Traditions

Like most traditions, Christmas is centered heavily around food.  This morning the children woke up to the smell of warm cinnamon swirl pancakes. This picture is for Chloe, who we hear LOVES cinnamon! Manon has made us promise that when Chloe comes for a visit we make these pancakes!


Time for some holiday baking! Still dressed in pajamas Manon cuts out Christmas cookies.


Cookies are baked and ready for decorating!



Many of the Christmas cookies will go to our friends in the retail world, Walter and Louise Hanson (Owners of the Nordic Shop) and Kirsten Dodds (Manager of the Toy Zone).  The tradition of making Christmas cookies for friends working around the clock in retail started twenty years when Tiffany realized that her employers never had time to bake for themselves and enjoy their one day off at Christmas.  Every year the children help their parents bake and decorate (and yes eat!) the cookies.



Nick getting the Bûche de Noël ready for Christmas Eve.


With the Christmas baking complete, we headed to the Mall to Santa before he flew off to the North Pole to finish his holiday preparations.


This was as close to a smile as we could get from Harrison who was very skeptical of Santa.


Santa joking with the children about how he makes fantastical toys but is unable to deliver live animals (think horse, bunnies, cat, dog ... all Christmas requests from the kids!)


When it was Remington's turn to tell Santa what he wanted he said "a heated toilet seat like my parents." Santa had never heard that one before!



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  1. Love the tradition of baking cookies for the ones who can't. That is really Christmas spirit. Hey Nick is that whipped cream Inside your bûche de noël ? How was the result ?
    • It was whipped cream (with a little almond extract and sugar added for flavor!). It was delightful! Look for the pictures of the finished product on our Christmas Eve post (coming later today)!
  2. Did Remington get a heated toilette seat for Christmas
  3. Sebastian- No he did not get the heated bidet seat but the look on Santa's face was priceless!

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