California, Here We Come!

We started our day in Winnemucca, NV.  Breakfast of coffee, cocoa, chocolate croissants, eggs, waffles, and yogurts!


What better way to start your day than with a ride on a luggage cart?


Well, I suppose you could just recline on the luggage cart...


Please note:  All livestock must be restrained at all times (at the Nevada highway rest stop we pulled into for a quick bathroom break).  Why is this sign necessary?  Were a lot of people taking their cows out of the trailer for a walk?


It can be difficult to find a good Gluten-Free restaurant, but when we arrived in Reno, Nick found one!  Great Full Gardens []  AWESOME!!


The menu was full of great stuff, not the least of which was what Tiffany ordered...



J'aime Tortue Liege Waffle - which has toasted pecans over salted caramel ice cream in a web of caramel and chocolate sauces.


How good was it, girls?



And right next door is an Organic & Gluten-Free Bakery!!  What luck!


Clearly, Katherine is happy.  It is not very often when we find Gluten-Free cupcakes!!


The tables and the walls were covered in chalkboard paint, so we made our mark... some a bit higher than others (to maximize the chance of it being there a while).


Photobombed... by Nick.  But Manon's future is so bright, she's gotta wear shades!


We were driving LATE into the night, but as we crossed into California, Tiffany snapped this shot of the sun setting over the trees.


We started the day with a picture of Manon, so its only fitting that we end with one too!



Distance traveled: DAY 5: Winnemucca, NV to Marina, CA - approximately 475 miles (764 km)

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