A three month celebration!

It is hard to believe that Manon has been with us for three months! Our time together is flying and it is making us all a little nervous to imagine life without her. Our family knew that we needed to have a special celebration to show Manon how much we love having her with us. The children and Mom and Dad all wrote notes to Manon encouraging her and telling her how proud we are of how far she has come with her English. There were silly notes too..like Dad challenging the "laser-tag master" to a match! There were also notes that touched everyone's heart like Madeline's note about wanting to be sisters forever.
After the notes were written I stayed up late stuffing and blowing up balloons. Then early the next morning Mom, Dad and Madeline used crepe paper to hold the ballons in place creating a balloon avalanche. We gave the girls strict instructions to knock on their door loudly before opening.

The knocks came two hours later (did I mention that Manon has become quite the little sleeper!) and we rushed upstairs to watch the avalanche in action.

The only way to get to the notes was to have fun popping them!


Harrison loved this celebration too! While the kids read the notes Harrison jumped on, body slammed and did his best to try to pop all the balloons.
Big, big hugs.

We asked Manon what she wanted to eat for breakfast. "Anything?" she asked. "Yes anything!" we replied. "OK. I want BROWNIES!" So we had brownies, homemade whipped cream and organic raspberries for breakfast. Harrison moved a very heavy wooden chair to sit next to Manon. He is smitten!

The Gau kids are LOVING all the new traditions!
Harrison was not prepared for tartness of the berries.

Happy three months Manon! We are looking forward to the next three!


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