Monthly Archives: December 2016

Nico’s Presentation

Friday was the last full day of class for Nico as Rochester Central Lutheran School ("RCLS"). For several weeks Nico has been preparing a presentation about Germany for his World History class with Mr. Kuball.. The class had a wonderful time getting to know some interesting facts about Germany and there was a lot of…
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RCLS Christmas Concert

Nico is looking mighty fine in his new outfit. We were going to retro fit one of Remington's piano performance outfits but once I took Nico shopping it was clear he needed some dress clothes that were just for him. Dressed all in blue he looked and felt wonderful! Nico sucht mächtige Geldstrafe in seinem…
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Christmas Lights in La Crosse

It was a "warm" winter night by Minnesota standards (Nico will need to explain how we have both warm (above 0 degrees!)  winter days and cold (below zero!) winter days. On this day the weather was a balmy 25 degrees and we got into the car and drove an hour in to the state of…
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