Monthly Archives: May 2015

Shearing Day!

The shearers arrived bright and early Saturday morning. The boys were given the task of getting all the alpacas up from the pastures and into a holding pen. Maxou and Sebastian worked together to catch and harness the alpacas. Dad made it look very, very easy. I love, love, love Maxou's farm overalls!!!! We need…
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Meeting the Farm Animals

  Maxou meets Cousteau, our Great Pyrenees dog. When meeting a llama it is always best to present your head and allow them to spell you. Llamas can be scared of hands but are very curious animals. They especially like smelling your breath! Here Maxou is meeting Apricot Delight (also known as Appy). She is…
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Welcome to Minnesota, Maxou!

It is Friday morning and everyone in the house is eagerly awaiting Maxou's arrival. Sebastian and Madeline are making signs to welcome Maxou to his new home in Minnesota. The troops are gathered outside of the baggage claim area, staring anxiously at every passenger to walk through the doors. At last... Maxou has arrived! Bisous…
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